Thursday, September 24, 2009

Korean Film Festival

Shangri-La Plaza plays host to the first-ever Korean Film Festival from September 24 to 29 at Shang Cineplex Cinema 3. The event serves as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Korea.

Driving with My Wife's Lover won triple awards in 2007 in the Sundance International Film Fest, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Belgrade International Film Festival. The story revolves around Tae-han, who runs a stamp shop in a small town. His life changes when he decides to play witness to his wife's infidelity.

Forbidden Quest is an interesting historical comedy that follows the journey of writer Yun-Seo, a man born into a life of privilege. He decides to become the best erotic author of his time, creating palace intrigues as his work increases in popularity.

Dong-ha and Song-hwa are the main characters in the film Beyond the Years. They are siblings who were adopted separately by singer Yu-Bong. Dong-ha falls in love with Song-hwa, but decides that the relationship would not work and eventually leaves home. Still, he never really stops loving his sister, and everything he does ultimately traces back to her.

The Show Must Go On is a dramatic film that revolves around the life of gangster In-gu, who dreams of nothing but moving his family out of their crowded apartment into a more spacious home. His wife tells him to find a more respectable job. His daughter will not acknowledge him so he begins the challenge of finding a means to provide for his family.

Sa-Kwa is a romantic drama that tells the story of Hyeon-jeong, who is unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend of 7 years. She vows to find a new suitor to replace him as soon as possible, as her biological clock keeps ticking away. She ends up falling in love with the most unlikely man at the same time that her ex-boyfriend tries to win her back.

Old Boy has been given many international awards for excellence (including a Cannes award) and follows the journey of a man who has been imprisoned for 15 years without him knowing why. He is released, only to find out that his kidnapper is not done with him yet.

Barking Dogs Never Bite is a satirical film about a lazy university lecturer who depends on his pregnant wife's salary yet wonders how he can bribe his way to professorship. The constant yapping of a dog in their apartment block finally gets to him, and he sets out to find it with the intention to murder it.

Admission to the Korean Film Fest is free.

Film screening schedules:
Sept. 24 (Thursday)
2:00 PM-Barking Dogs Never Bite (R-13)
5:00 PM-Sa-kwa (R-13)
8:00 PM-Forbidden Quest (R-13)

Sept. 25 (Friday)
2:00 PM-Driving with My Wife's Lover (R-18)
5:00 PM-Forbidden Quest (R-13)
8:00 PM-The Show Must Go On (R-13)

Sept. 26 (Saturday)
2:00 PM-Beyond the Years (PG-13)
5:00 PM-Barking Dogs Never Bite (R-13)
8:00 PM-Old Boy (R-18)

Sept. 27 (Sunday)
2:00 PM-Beyond the Years (PG-13)
5:00 PM-Barking Dogs Never Bite (R-13)
8:00 PM-Driving with My Wife's Lover (R-18)

Sept. 28 (Monday)
2:00 PM-The Show Must Go On (R-13)
5:00 PM-Driving with My Wife's Lover (R-18)
8:00 PM-Sa-kwa (R-13)

Sept. 29 (Tuesday)
2:00 PM-Forbidden Quest (R-13)
5:00 PM-The Show Must Go On (R-13)
8:00 PM-Old Boy (R-18)

Or contact the Shang Cineplex at 633-7851 loc.113 for more details.

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