Tuesday, November 3, 2009

7th Australian Film Festival

Six critically-acclaimed films from Australia will be part of the 7th Australian Film Festival. In Manila they will be screened at the Greenbelt 3 Cinemas from November 5 - 8, 2009.

Click here for the synopsis of the films.

Admission Fee: P65.00

November 5 (Thursday)
04:00PM The Bank
06:00PM The Black Balloon
08:00PM Danny Deckhair

November 6 (Friday)
04:00PM The Hard Wood
06:00PM Unfinished Sky
08:00PM Garage Days

November 7 (Saturday)
04:00PM Danny Deckhair
06:00PM The Bank
08:00PM The Black Balloon

November 8 (Sunday)
04:00PM Garage Days
06:00PM The Hard Wood
08:00PM Unfinished Sky

The festival is presented by the Australian Embassy, Screen Australia, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in cooperation with the Ayala Malls Cinemas, Greenbelt and Ayala Center Cebu.

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