Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12th CineManila Film Festival

It used to be held in Makati, then it moved to the Gateway Cinemas in Cubao in 2007 and 2008, then to Market! Market! in Taguig last year.

This year, all roads lead to Robinsons Movieworld at Robinsons Galleria in Quezon City for the annual showcase of some of the best of Philippine and world cinema in the Cinemanila International Film Festival from December 1 - 5,2010!

Now on its 12th year, the five-day festival screens about 50 international and local films -- from the current toasts of the local independent cinema scene, to award winners and favorites at prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Sundance and Pusan.

For the complete list of the featured movies and the schedule of screenings, visit the official website of CineManila at http://www.cinemanila. org.ph

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Good Life with LG

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

I admit that when it comes to cellphones. I go more for function than design. I only use it to make phone calls and send/receive text messages.

But as I was browsing through the latest editions of smartphones now available in the market, one brand rose above the rest.

The LG brand  has always been synonymous with good quality when it comes to electronic gadgets.  Their latest cellphone, the LG Optimus 7 has quite a number of attractive features that will guarantee you complete satisfaction.

The device functions with the latest Microsoft Operating System Windows® Phone 7 so browsing the Internet will be quite easy and convenient.

It also allows you to store hundreds of mp3, videos and  other applications like high resolution photos because it has an extensive and power 16GB memory.

Another interesting feature is their voice to text  that will allow users to talk and communicate, hands free.

Taking pictures is hassle free as its 5MP camera has simple and basic settings which will be nicely displayed through a 3.8 inch LCD screen.

So the next time I find myself in need of a new cellphone, I just might consider purchasing a LG Optimus 7- the ultimate multimedia entertainment device that fits in your palm.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This documentary by Thomas Balmes features a year in the lives of 4 babies who are located in different locations. The children are, respectively, in order of on-screen introduction: Ponijao, who lives with her family near Opuwo, Namibia. Bayar, who resides with his family in Mongolia. Little Mari in Tokyo, Japan and Hattie who is in San Francisco, USA.

There is no script, no dialogue except for candid footage of the 4 babies in various states of cuteness, tantrums et al. The documentary realistically captures on film the earliest stages of the journey from birth until they take their first step, a year later.

It also shows how one's environment can be the guiding force in the upbringing of a child. The sparse and dare I say squalid surroundings of a poor village in Africa, the barren snow capped mountains of Mongolia to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Tokyo and suburban America - they all provide excellent backdrop for the film.

Strangely enough I found myself more interested in the lives of Bayar and Ponijao because their lives provided a good glimpse into how babies born in impoverished nations 'amuse' themselves without the help of fancy toys and electrical gadgets. Crying, crawling and playing under the harsh sun and among cattle and just being their cute little selves despite their spartan environment was interesting to watch.

Some documentaries tend to drag on for hours and then end with some relevant social commentary on an important issue but this film gets a thumbs up even though it didn't convey any message. Because after all babies in any race, size, shape and form will always elicit a positive response!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8th Australian Film Festival

The Australian Embassy presents the 8th Australian Film Festival featuring critically-acclaimed feature and short animated films from Nov. 26 to Nov. 28, 2010 at Cinema 4, Glorietta 4 Cinemas.

The festival will open with a special screening of the “claymated” feature film Mary and Max by Academy Award-winning director Adam Elliot. The film’s set construction manager, Shaun Patten, will be in Manila to open the festival and to conduct masterclasses on “The Art of Mary and Max” at the University of the Philippines Film Institute and De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts.

Also featured are The Magic Pudding, a film based on an Australian children's classic and the mixed animation and live action film, Look Both Ways. Elliot's Oscar-winning Harvie Krumpet leads this year's selection of short films which also includes Footnote, The Projectionist, Mother Tongue, Mozzie and the Oscar-nominated shorts The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, Ward 13 and Birthday Boy.

Short film suite 1 - November 26 - 4:00pm and 6:00pm
Look Both Ways - November 26 - 8:00pm
The Magic Pudding - November 27 - 4:00 PM
Short film Suite 3 - November 27 - 6:00 PM
Mary and Max - November 27 - 8:00 PM
The Magic Pudding - November 28 - 4:00 PM
Mary and Max - November 28 - 6:00 PM
Look Both Ways - November 28 - 8:00 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6th Cinema One Originals
Digital Film Festival

Cinema One Originals Movie Schedule 2010
Cinema 4, Shang Cineplex
EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Ticket: P150.00

10 November, 2010 (Wednesday)
12:00 - Wanted:Border
02:00 - Paano Ko Sasabihin
04:00 - The Cinema of Celso Ad Castillo
07:00 - Confessional
09:00 - Ishmael

11 November, 2010 (Thursday)
12:00 - Ishmael
02:00 - The Cinema of Celso Ad Castillo
04:00 - Yanggaw
07:00 - Third World Happy
09:00 - Dagim

12 November, 2010 (Friday)
12:00 - Third World Happy
02:00 - Dagim
04:00 - Ishmael
07:00 - Astro Mayabang
09:00 - Tsardyer

13 November, 2010 (Saturday)
12:00 - Astro Mayabang
02:00 - Tsardyer
04:00 - Ishmael
06:00 - Third World Happy
08:00 - Layang Bilanggo
10:00 - Ang Damgo

14 November, 2010 (Sunday)
11:30 - Layang Bilanggo
01:30 - Ang Damgo
03:30 - Third World Happy
05:30 - Astro Mayabang
07:30 - Tsardyer
09:30 - Dagim

15 November, 2010 (Monday)
11:30 - Astro Mayabang
01:30 - Dagim
03:30 - Layang Bilanggo
05:30 - Ang Damgo
07:30 - Tsardyer
09:30 - Ishmael

16 November, 2010 (Tuesday)
12:00 - Layang Bilanggo
02:00 - Ang Damgo
04:00 - Third World Happy
06:00 - Tsardyer
08:00 - Dagim
10:00 - Astro Mayabang

Designer Bathroom Suites

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All these items are readily available for your perusal at a great website that specializes in bathroom suites. At betterbathrooms.com they cater to all your bathroom needs. The neatly organized website is easily navigable with different product categories. It is worthwhile to check out each and every category before you make your choice. Their jacuzzi section just stirred up my visions of a very relaxing and quite enjoyable activity. Better Bathrooms has just launched a new range of value bathroom suites which are available at affordable prices!

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