Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Foreigner

Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan

"Never push a Good man too far"

Cinema 3, Shang Cineplex

It's my birthday and I'll watch a film if I want to ... so I did. Having said that, I am not a big Jackie Chan fan but among the films showing today, it held the most potential to satisfy my movie craving.

The film kicks off with an act of terrorism, a bombing at a local bank which cost the lives of 12 people. Among the fatalities is Fan, a teenager who was at an adjacent dress store picking out her gown for a prom. Her father Quan (Jackie Chan) is heartbroken and naturally distraught. He keeps hounding the local police for more details about the perpetrators of this horrific crime. When weeks past and Quan is still seeking answers as well as justice for his daughter, his next focus for constant harassment is a local politician named Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) whose past affiliations may hold the key to the identities of the suspects. 

An older Jackie Chan and dare I say much wiser as lately his roles are more mature and he is not just a 'ninja' who karate chops all the villains. Quan is a multi-dimensional character whose troubled past add much depth and further cements our understanding of why he would go to great lengths to 'capture' the terrorists responsible for his daughter's untimely demise. Naturally there are still some nicely choreographed action scenes courtesy of Chan who we all know does his own stunts in all his films. 

But beyond all the necessary stunts, the plot revolves around a believable political thriller. The IRA and British government 'negotiations' and the behind the scenes concessions and demands from both sides to aim for a lasting and peaceful solution - provides a good backdrop - so it goes beyond just another predictable father.seeking.justice.and.revenge.for.his.slain.daughter premise. Pierce Brosnan is as Irish as one can get so his role was appropriate for his age, his stature and his craft.

A good blend of action and political thriller with a few twists thrown into the mix makes "The Foreigner" an entertainingly good film!

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