Friday, August 19, 2005


Belgian Film Festival

SM Megamall Cinema 6
Belgian Film Festival

A poignant look into the immigration problem in Belgium and the people who take advantage of the immigrants, who only seek a better life. A father and son rent out cheap apartments to illegals who are smuggled in. They mostly come from Eastern Europe and Africa and don't speak French. So they fall victim to unscrupulous elements who charge them exorbitant fees for everything (their safe passage, residence permits, rent, gas canisters for the heater). It is very realistically portrayed and you really commiserate with their plight. But more so, you feel encouraged by Igor, the son who suddenly realizes his misdeeds and decides to help one of the illegals. Thus keeping his promise. I remember growing up in Belgium and most of my classmates were from Morocco, Algeria and African nations, children of immigrants who hope to make a better future for themselves. I have lost touch with all of them but I sure hope they are all doing well in their second home.

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