Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover, Tobin Bell

"Every piece has a puzzle."

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I'm not a horror flick fan so the entire time I was watching SAW I was asking myself "Why on earth don't I just change the channel and watch something else like Oh I don't know ... Cartoons? But the intriguing plot kept my eyes glued to the set. In between squeals of "Oh merde" (that's French for s**t) whenever there was a gory scene on the screen and "I'll be damned", I would have to say this was a pretty good movie.
It basically revolved around 2 guys who are held captive in a large bathroom in some dingy basement. They are chained to pipes and with the help of devices like a tape recorder, a saw and other objects must decipher a way to get out of that horrifying situation. In between we are shown other gruesome images of the real sick objective of the serial killer only known as the Jigsaw. The different twists which unfolds throughout the entire movie catches the viewer by surprise but as you slowly begin to piece the puzzle together you are hit by yet another strange angle till the film finally ends. Then you are left with one terrible chilling thought. How can people be so evil? But hey Jigsaw does have a moral lesson behind these gruesome killings so you better just stick it out till the very end to find out his rationale behind this evil game.
Cary Elwes projects well as one of the guys trapped in this hellish situation, you can't help but commiserate with his character. Leigh Whannell who is the screenwriter of this film does relatively well too, quite believable. A short but rather pivotal role for Danny Glover.
So you are not skirmish about really gory and bloody scenes and are in the mood to be scared shitless then watch this film because it does make you ponder and think and not just scream and cover your eyes as other horror flicks tend to do.

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