Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Rebecca Romijn, Anna Paquin, Kelsey Grammar, Ben Foster, Shawn Ashmore, Vinnie Jones, James Marsden

"Take a Stand"

Cinema 1, Edsa Shang Cineplex

The cure

I've never been a fan of any comics characters. The only reason I watch movies about them is to be entertained. I sure got my wish.
Adrenaline pumping action from beginning to end. Great CGI enhancements aside the plot was pretty lame and very cartoonish.
A whole bunch of mutants coming out of the wood works trying to tug at my heart strings. Sorry I couldn't really keep up with who was who and what superpowers his mutant gene could administer. Then some of the central characters started dying early on in the movie and I go ok at least that is a bit realistic. Not even their superpowers could save them from death. Although it was rather predictable that those 'dead' mutants will be back in some yet to be made movie in this X Men franchise, so no tears are worth shedding. I admit I saw the first X Men movie and thought "Ah that was a total waste of my time". I saw this third installment before I watched the second one which I borrowed from the video store. The second X Men seem to have more character development and more depth and dare I say more soul. But they are still filled with characters I do not find endearing at all. But as I've stated earlier, it was enjoyable to watch a film where my brain cells won't do any thinking. Just happy to amuse myself with the kick ass action scenes, brilliant visual scenes, colorful mutant costumes. I tried to channel my inner child but my problem is even as a child I wasn't into cartoons nor comics. So heck whatever.
After all, I'm not really the appropriate person to review this genre of movies. So just watch it, relax, chill and try not to get deaf from the heart pumping, high adrenaline rush!

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