Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden,
Susan Sarandon,Idina Menzel, Timothy Spall

"The real world and the animated world collide"

Cinema 1, Shang Cineplex

I must be getting soft in my old age. My sarcastic, cynical self actually liked this classic fairy tale Disney movie with a twist. Nary a trace of violence, no cuss words, no bad guys, no noisy car chase scenes. Just an innocent naive little princess lost in chaotic New York city. Her simple quest is to return to her animated world so she could marry her Prince Charming.

Ok ... all together now. Awwww!!!

What's not to like, right?
I'd say a few song and dance sequences in Central Park and some typical fairy tale ballroom dancing didn't register well with my cynical heart.

Even though for a few minutes in the beginning you pinch yourself because you think you've wandered into the wrong cinema. The screen comes alive with an animation feature. The eventual transition from animation to real life is smooth and well executed.

The cast is composed of talented artists known for other genres like drama and comedy so to be part of an animated/real feature must have seem like a breeze. But it doesn't necessarily mean it is easy to act all fairy tale like either. You have the likes of the resplendent Susan Sarandon in a small role as the evil stepmother complete with freaky makeup, hideous outfits and the 'evil' laughter. James Marsden as the typical caricature of a Prince Charming - meaning he looks good only in paper/cartoon but he doesn't bear much substance. This brings us to the real Prince Charming in disguise portrayed by the yummy Patrick Dempsey. The guy with a young daughter trying to balance his career, his love life and his role as a father with ease. The attorney with a heart of gold who doesn't take advantage of lost out of her elements little Princess Giselle. Of course, Amy Adams with her perky nose and her childlike aura looked every part the naive Princess that she was.

The story is pure fantasy with enough dose of harsh reality (in the form of the mean city that never sleeps - New York). The plot evolved well, had enough conflict and created a credible buildup towards the climax and of course finishes with a happy ending both in animation and in real life.

Light feel good movie with solid plot, good cast and the ubiquitous moral lessons expected from fairy tales for both children and adults alike - certainly you can't go wrong at all with this premise.

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