Wednesday, November 26, 2008


George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Tobey Macguire

"If war is hell then what comes after?"

This whodunit film noir does remind me of those Humphrey Bogart movies. You have a suave, dashingly handsome hero in the personification of the delectable George Clooney. Not that I found/find Bogart really dashing, mind you but you get my drift. A mysterious love interest portrayed by the seductive Cate Blanchett. An assortment of shady villains among them a sleazy Tobey Maguire in a brief role. It is set in a place where an important historic event (in this case the Potsdam conference) is unfolding. The phasing of the entire movie can be a bit slow but there is enough loud music to highlight the dramatic parts and convey a sense of intrigue.

Except this Steven Soderbergh directed movie was shot in the 21st century where shaky hand held digital camera is the way to go. So to be thrown into a film where your eyes strain from the lack of color can be a bit overwhelming at first. Then eventually as the film progresses, you try to make sense of the intriguing plot. A plot laden with enough intrigue and mystery to merit several questions which start with the word "W" - "why", "who", "when" and most certainly "what"! So while you run a gamut of questions in your mind, you can't help but swoon over George Clooney. Even saying to yourself how delectably fine he looks in black and white celluloid as well as technicolored movies.

Then you go back to the movie's plot and wish there were more movies of this genre (whodunit thrillers) made! A big let up from the numerous explosive yet insignificant car chases scenes which simply appeal to the (male) audience. Or the yawn inducing romantic comedies with unbelievable love stories to titillate the (female) audience. Oh what the heck, better yet just rope in George Clooney and I'm sure I will be hooked, no matter what genre.

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