Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, Dianne Wiest, Andre Braugher, David Morse, Clea DuVall

"The truth can't hide forever"

Anne Hathway in a serious role plays Claire Summers, a therapist who counsels a group of survivors of a plane crash. They suddenly start disappearing before she has a chance to find out the truth behind the tragedy. She also gets romantically involved with Eric (Patrick Wilson) one of the survivors which compromises her position as well as her judgment on the case. The thrilling story takes off amidst strange circumstances of grief sessions intertwined with mysterious persons who may or may not be directly involved with the crash.

First off, I don't advice you see this film before you are planning a trip which requires you to take a plane. There are a few disturbing scenes which may really put you on the edge of your seat, literally.

Oh the other hand, the film is a good thriller which draws you into the fate of these passengers. Their defense mechanism, their grief and fears are all well portrayed as they come to terms with that tragic event. Then you are rudely shaken by a twist in the ending which I admit I didn't see coming my way. Well I had another theory/scenario in mind so that twist came as a shock for me.

The plot is well paced. The scenes don't put your system into a shock as the flashback sequences (of the minutes before the crash) are intermittently shown. The buildup towards the climax is suspenseful. You want to know the real circumstances of the crash yet at the same time you are interested in watching the 'love' story unfold. Although the premise with the shocking twist towards the ending is not entirely new in movies, "Passengers" offers another perspective angle in showcasing it. The cast are believable. Anne Hathaway is good in her subdued acting and Patrick Wilson is well a pleasant sight to behold in every sense of the word. Take note, I didn't mention his acting. Heh! They are ably supported by good actors like Andre Braugher, Dianne Wiest and David Morse in vital roles. Their characters provide the key to the answer behind the mystery.

I got the sense from this movie, that we should never take things nor life for granted. That we are all merely passengers on this earth. We need to cherish every single moment of every single day because you never know it just might be your last. A bit chillingly morbid thought to process but unfortunately life is indeed short.

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