Sunday, March 8, 2009


Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, Paul Giamatti

"I'm a British nanny and I'm dangerous"


This non stop action thriller was shown constantly over HBO this past week. I first caught bits and pieces of it and actually liked what I saw. A few days ago, I finally managed to see it in its entirety and got sense of what the action was all about.

A wisecracking bystander with an attitude named "Smith" (Clive Owen) gets himself involved with some shady villains after he helps a pregnant woman give birth. After the woman dies, "Smith" has no choice but to protect the baby at all cost. Even if it means having a steady stream of men clad in black out to kill the poor baby. The bad guys are led by a man named Hertz (Paul Giamatti) who is relentless in his pursuit. He is fierce, violent and a totally despicable person. Tagging along for the ride is Donna (Monica Bellucci) a lactating prostitute whose sole purpose is to appeal to the male audience with her voluptuous body.

A fast paced action drama which strangely enough does have an interesting plot. It helps that it has well developed characters who despite being soulless are still fascinating to watch. Clive Owen as the carrot eating, wisecracking 'shooter' with a nasty attitude is perfect for the role. His rough facade disguises his soft side like when he actually cares for the welfare of an innocent baby. He delivers his witty lines eloquently and can manage to stay unfazed even when his character gets into pretty sticky situations.

Paul Giamatti is probably the most under rated 'supporting' actor there is in the Hollywood film industry. He can play any roles with ease without stealing the limelight from the main lead but it doesn't mean he is forgettable. Hardly so since his characters are equally significant in every single frame. More so in this film where his evil streak is creepy to watch yet at the same time you never lose focus on the fact that he has a mission to accomplish, at all cost. And Monica Bellucci well she is merely eye candy with her leather outfits and high heels.

So yes the film is filled with violent scenes of bullets flying off in every direction, blood spurting from broken bones as well as car chases. But it was really fun to watch in a pure adrenaline pumping action romp sort of way!

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