Wednesday, June 10, 2009


14th French Film Festival
Cinema 3, Shang Cineplex

Nothing much really happens in this film. It is about Livia, a 15 year old girl who gets infatuated with Jean, a volunteer fireman who saves her after she fell off her horse. Worse yet it is the start of the summer school holiday in this little provincial town so poor Livia has nothing better to do than trot aimlessly. Her 'affection' for her rescuer turns to obsession as she does her best to seek his attention with very tragic consequences. But sad to say this film doesn't even come close to "Fatal Attraction" and it drifts aimlessly just like Livia during the entire movie.

At least the cinematography is crisp with images of a quiet little town surrounded by mountainous terrain. The main 'draw' would be towards the ending where a massive forest fire consumes the small town. The footage seemed totally real in some semi documentary technique. It makes me wonder if they really set the fire for the movie or the fire occurred while they were shooting the film. Either way it was graphically and realistically portrayed.

The characters are mostly bored teenagers trying to amuse themselves during their summer break. They don't have endearing personalities so the audience couldn't really care less about their plight. Soon enough the boredom lingers and lingers you just wish they would actually get a life or at least some hobby to occupy themselves with.

I guess the morale of the story is if you play with fire you will definitely get burned. Enough said!

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