Friday, September 4, 2009


Cinema 5, SM Megamall

I don't normally watch animated feature films at the cinemas because I don't feel I would get my money's worth. But this time I made an exception. I did watch it at a cheaper price though but nonetheless it was within the comforts of a cinema. Luckily there weren't any noisy kids in the theater so I was able to absorb the story with delight.

The main reason I watched this 'cartoon' are its main characters. They are human beings and not some talking animal. Carl & Ellie are an adorable couple. They remind me so much of my parents! The first part which chronicles their life together was very poignant even sans dialogue. It was beautifully put together and it summarized their love story gracefully. I totally loved Ellie. She had a beautiful spirit. I was crashed when poor Carl was left alone to fend for himself after her death. So when he ventured on his little adventure in his house lifted by a thousand balloons. You can't help but cheer for his success after all he was fulfilling Ellie's life long wish to visit Paradise Falls.

Then those nasty talking dogs show up and I somehow lost interest. But I knew their purpose was to serve as obstacles for Carl and Russell which is a naturally effective way to convey conflict in a movie, animated or otherwise. Another 'flaw' in this film is how come Charles Muntz didn't age that much given that he was already in his prime when Carl was still a young boy.

Having said that "Up" is truly an uplifting tale. It teaches us to never give up in pursuing our dreams (no matter how old we are!). That obstacles and adversities will surely surface but it must not stop us from venturing on our little adventures.

Before I forget, there was an added bonus before the main feature. A very short animated film about babies of all sorts and shapes being manufactured in the sky by big clouds then delivered by storks to their mothers. It was the cutest film clip I've seen in ages.

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