Thursday, December 17, 2009


Edward Norton, Jon Voight, Colin Farrell, Noah Emmerich

"The last thing you want to uncover ... is the truth."

A multi-generation family of cops, rampant corruption in the police department, cops turning against fellow cops, drugs, violence and a plethora of curse words are really common in most action movies about what else but cops?

But the main draw for me to pick this film was the notable cast. You have Norton, Farrell, Voight, Emmerich all cast in prominent roles as the cops in the Tierney family. They all work together to give this predictable action suspense some much needed bite. I did notice though that women were relegated to minor supporting ones as the wives of cops without much character development to their personalities. But it is an action packed movie after all so I guess that's 'normal'.

Plot wise, after you figure out who the villains are, which cops are corrupt, how the family intends to survive this internal crisis and watch the dead bodies pile up in the dangerous streets of New York, you end up pretty immune and realize that is exactly what you wanted in the first place. Being under alot of stress lately, I didn't want to think too much about the plot. So I just sat there and surprisingly didn't fall asleep watching it even at such a late hour. Just being awed by the good acting prowess of Norton and Farrell giving their all in their roles, kept me awake.

The ending is as expected predictable with justice, personal redemption being reined in to give the characters some degree of salvation. But the cycle of violence continues to turn like a wheel, it is New York City, after all. Yet at least for the Tierney family there is a much delayed closure to their internal struggle.

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