Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver,
Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez

Lido Cineplex, Shaw Tower

OK so when "Avatar" opened in all the cinemas here in Manila, I wasn't particularly keen on watching it. I was busy preparing for our vacation and sci-fi themed movies don't interest me. Fast forward to the second day of 2010, it was our last day in Singapore and my sister who's into this genre of movies insisted we (together with mom) watch it. So fine, let's go!

162 minutes later I was awed by the CG images which James Cameron fully utilized to his advantage in narrating a love story that blossoms between a human being in avatar form and a Na'vi in Pandora, an idyllic universe that is threatened by corporate greed.

It is an amazing treat to experience such a kaleidoscope of bright, colorful imagery peppered with interesting characters like avatars, indigenous beings called Na'vi, strange animal forms and of course human beings. The main plot delves on the protection of the environment, the invasion of a foreign land, the massive destruction of a human race and the bullying tactics of a superpower to impose its will on a peace loving society. A community whose habitat just happens to contain a precious material, a rock that costs millions of dollars but it can help save planet Earth from its energy crisis.

While the whole film lasts almost 3 hours, you hardly notice it since there is always something going on in the movie. Whether it is the developing love story, the action filled sequences of the 'battle', the multi-dimensional characters, the fascinating Pandora - everything is a visual feast albeit computer generated but still it was quite stunning! The myriad of hues especially generated through the use of modern technology itself is a sight to behold.

James Cameron surely waited for the appropriate time to bring his huge project to the big screen. I'd say the wait is worth every single cent. Both for him as a director with a wild imagination and for the audience who won't regret viewing his masterpiece.

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