Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Taiwan Film Festival

From Sept. 24-28, 2010 seven Taiwanese films will be screened for FREE at the Cinema 4 of the Shangri-La Plaza’s Shang Cineplex in Mandaluyong.

The impressive lineup of must-see Taiwanese films is headed by "Cape No. 7". It is a moving love story that touches on Taiwan’s history and way of life through the story of young man named Aga (Van Fan). After failing to find success in Taipei, Aga returns to his town where, together with other musicians in Hengchun, he becomes part of a band that eventually becomes an incredible musical sensation.

The movie "Chocolate Rap" centers on the tough world of break dancing as seen through the eyes of dancer Choco (Hsin-Hung Chen), who single-handedly outperforms six breakdancers and is taken under the wing of renowned manager and rap artist Pachinko (Po-Ching Huang).

Three young friends take the spotlight in the 2005 drama "Fishing Luck", directed by Wen-Chen Tseng. One summer day, their lives are changed by the arrival of a woman -- bursting through the tranquility that had so peacefully once ruled their lives.

Basketball takes center stage in the 2008 movie "Kung Fu Dunk", a film that follows the story of youngster Shi-Jie who possesses impressive skills both in kung fu and basketball. Kung Fu Dunk is reminiscent of Hong Kong movies like Shaolin Soccer.

The 2008 movie "Orz Boyz!" chronicles the story of two young pranksters who plan the trick of their lives. However, things change when this childhood pact is threatened by a betrayal.

Meanwhile, the 2009 drama-fantasy movie "Our Island Our Dreams" is a story about a girl and two boys who grew together in Kinmen, a small island near mainland China, but is under the control of Taiwan. Their relationship changes when a soldier arrives from Taiwan and develops an attraction for the girl, despite the fact that it is forbidden for soldiers stationed in the island in the 1970s to date locals.

Finally, the 2009 musical drama "Yang Yang" follows the journey of Eurasian Yang-Yang (Sandrine Pinna), who has always longed for a family and appears to have gotten her wish with her mother’s remarriage.

Screenings schedule

Sept. 24, Friday
2 p.m. - Orz Boyz!
5 p.m. - Yang Yang
8 p.m. - Our Island, Our Dreams

Sept. 25, Saturday
2 p.m. - Chocolate Rap
5 p.m. - Cape No. 7
8 p.m. - Kung Fu Dunk

Sept. 26, Sunday
2 p.m. - Yang Yang
5 p.m. - Our Island Our Dreams
8 p.m. - Fishing Luck

Sept. 27, Monday
2 p.m. - Kung Fu Dunk
5 p.m. - Chocolate Rap
8 p.m. - Orz Boyz!

Sept. 28, Tuesday
2 p.m. - Our Island Our Dreams
5 p.m. - Orz Boyz!
8 p.m. - Yang Yang

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