Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany,
MIranda Richardson, Mark Strong

"Her Country. Her Heart. Her Majesty."

Star Movies

This period piece looks at the early days of Queen Victoria. As portrayed by Emily Blunt, the film presents her life from a pampered princess, to her romance with her first cousin, Prince Albert (Rupert Friend) to her eventual ascension to the throne upon the death of her uncle, King William.

Amidst the various royal intrigue and political machinations reminiscent of those turbulent years in England's rich history, the film also gives way to a sweet romantic tale between Victoria and her suitor the German Prince Albert.

Blunt’s performance is restrained and fiery, yet her character doesn't really evolve much. She goes from a strong, determined young woman to a strong, determined young queen, but she undergoes little significant growth.

Having said done, I also believe her portrayal of the young Queen Victoria propels her to a new level. Emily Blunt proves herself versatile and capable of carrying an entire film by transforming a beloved monarch from a page in history to someone who is, well, human just like the rest of us.

The rest of the cast is ably supported by talented British actors like Jim Broadbent, Mark Strong and Paul Bettany as the scheming Lord Melbourne - they all give convincing performances.

The storyline is strong and I like how it didn't delve too much into the intriguing political machinations which can be a tad boring, if you ask me. The costumes were spectacularly authentic and the cinematography was vibrant.

Oh I also like to give praise to Star Movies for including subtitles to some of their main features. It does help a lot for us viewers to have a firmer grasp on the dialogue. Well done!

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