Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Shooting on exotic locales is a big factor for action oriented movies or any genre of movies for that matter. It has a significant impact on the storyline, the actions of the cast and the cinematography. It also contributes in promoting the scenic as well as not too scenic spots of a country. It is a big marketing boost to the tourism industry not to mention the economy of any nation that is chosen as a location for an international film.

Several blockbusters have chosen Brazil as their locales. Some films are actually set in this exotic country. While other film production companies choose this Latin American nation for its vast resources (big population, rich natural resources, cheap labor fees). Months before any actual shooting can take place, they must scout for suitable location sights. Naturally, they need to hire a brazil travel agent to book their airfares and accommodations. They can stay for several days or several months depending on their budget, the accessibility and mobility of the crew as they scour the potential sights.

No wonder the budget for an average action film has soared into the millions even billions. Shooting in attractive locales doesn't come cheap. But their valuable contribution to any nation's economy is truly priceless!

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