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The Shangri-La Plaza Mall, together with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office brings the wonders of Taiwan and its people to the Filipino audience through the Taiwan Film Festival, from August 3 - 6, 2012 at the Shang Cineplex. This year’s Taiwan Film Festival presents the best feature films by award-winning director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Admission is free on a first come, first served basis.

"The Boys from Fengkuei" chronicles the adventures of three young men from Fengkuei Island, who travel to the city of Kaohsiung to find better economic opportunities. Events unfold as they struggle to settle into city life and begin relationships with their neighbors.

"A Time to Live, A Time to Die" celebrates and mourns the trials of a family of Chinese emigrants. Ah-ha and his clan share the pains of constant longing to be back home and the challenges of coping and adjusting to a new country, Taiwan.

"Dust in the Wind" follows the story of high school sweethearts Wan and Huen. The two barely enjoy life together as they struggle to make ends meet out of menial jobs, while at the same time pursue their studies at night school. But the biggest challenge begins when both realize that soon, they will separate, as Wan will be called for the obligatory military service.

"Three Times" narrates the sentimental tale of an unfinished love, seeking to be reincarnated in three different time periods, and rekindled in three generations.

The Taiwan Film Festival also includes an impressive lineup of film documentaries.
"Classmate" chronicles the lives of three girls and a boy, two normal-development students and two challenged with special-needs, and their experiences in an experimental inclusive education school, where a third of the students are differently abled. The four grow and enter adulthood together, and discover life under the guidance of their families, and their mentors from school.

"Grandma’s Hairpin" is the personal story of one of the brave soldiers from the Nationalist Government, who fought the civil war against the Chinese. Along with his comrades, he could not return to his homeland China due to a ban on private visits, and found it difficult to begin a new life in the foreign land of Taiwan.

"Stars" explores the stories of the reality show Million Star’s contenders, as they discover themselves and deal with motivation, honesty, sacrifice, and hope in their journey to fulfill their dreams and emerge as the grand winner.

Finally, "The Man who Plants Trees" is a story about Lu Ming-shih, a man who plants trees along the Tropic of Cancer, hoping that future generations will carry on the work he started and complete his dream project.

Film Festival Schedule:
August 3
The Boys from Fengkuei (100 minutes) - 12:50pm
The Man who Plants Trees (55 minutes) - 3:00pm
Classmates (49 minutes) - 5:00pm
Three Times (132 minutes) - 7:00pm

August 4
A Time to Live, A Time to Die (125 minutes) - 12:30pm
Stars (110 minutes) - 3:10pm
Grandma’s Hairpin (89 minutes) - 5:40pm
Dust in the Wind (110 minutes) - 7:40pm

August 5
The Boys from Fengkuei (100 minutes) - 12:50pm
Classmates (49 minutes) - 3:00pm
The Man Who Plants Trees (55 minutes) - 4:30pm
Three Times (132 minutes) - 7:00pm

August 6
Dust In The Wind (110 minutes) - 12:30pm
Grandma’s Hairpin (89 minutes) - 3:00pm
Stars (110 minutes) - 5:00pm
A Time To Live, A Time To Die (125 minutes) - 7:30pm

For inquiries, please call the Shang Cineplex at 02-633-7851 loc.113.

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