Friday, September 7, 2012


The 15th edition of Cine Europa Film Festival opened September 5 at the Shangri-la Plaza Cineplex. A performance by the Manila String Quartet, a painting exhibition by local artists and the screening of the movie "Upperdog" were the main events during opening night. It will run until the 16th of September, 2012.

Free Admission on a first come, first served basis.

Screening Schedule:
September 6 (Thursday)
1:00pm - Wedding in Barasabia (Romania)
3:10pm - Turquaze (Belgium)
6:00pm - Atmen Breathing (Austria)
8:00pm - The Last Emperor (Italy)

September 7 (Friday)
1:00pm - Upperdog (Norway)
3:10pm - Koko Flanel (Belgium)
5:30pm - Turquaze (Belgium)
7:45pm - Sonny Boy (Netherlands)

September 8 (Saturday)
1:00pm - Turquaze (Belgium)
3:10pm - Kozelat the Goat (Bulgaria)
5:30pm - Koko Flanel (Belgium)
7:45pm - Wedding in Barasabia (Romania)

September 9 (Sunday)
1:00pm - The Rest is Silence (Romania)
3:30pm - Lidice (Czech Republic)
6:00pm - Kozelat the Goat (Bulgaria)
8:30pm - Wedding in Barasabia (Romania)

September 10 (Monday)
1:00pm - Flying Cyprian (Slovakia)
3:30pm - In a Better World (Denmark)
6:00pm - Lidice (Czech Republic)
8:30pm - The Rest is Silence (Romania)

September 11 (Tuesday)
1:00pm - Plans for Tomorrow (Spain)
3:30pm - Lapland Odyssey (Finland)
5:30pm - In a Better World (Denmark)
7:45pm - Flying Cyprian (Slovakia)

September 12 (Wednesday)
1:00pm - Everlasting Moments (Sweden)
3:45pm - 2 Days in Paris (France)
6:00pm - Lapland Odyssey (Finland)
8:00pm - Plans for Tomorrow (Spain)

September 13 (Thursday)
1:00pm - Will You Marry Us (Switzerland)
3:00pm - Father of my Children (France)
6:00pm - 2 Days in Paris (France)
8:10pm - Everlasting Moments (Sweden)

September 14 (Friday)
1:00pm - Senna (United Kingdom)
3:15pm - Poll (Germany)
6:00pm - Father of My Children (France)
8:30pm - Will You Marry Us (Switzerland)

September 15 (Saturday)
1:00pm - Atmen Breathing (Austria)
3:00pm - We Can Do That (Italy)
5:30pm - Poll (Germany)
8:30pm - Senna (United Kingdom)

September 16 (Sunday)
12:30pm - Turquaze (Belgium)
2:40pm - The Last Emperor (Italy)
6:00pm - We Can Do That (Italy)
8:30pm - Atmen Breathing (Austria)

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