Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Rashida Jones, Adam Samberg
Elijah Woods, Emma Roberts

"For anyone who has to break up
with their best friend"

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It's good we have 2 TVs in this household so I could watch this romcom while the hubby was glued to the FIBA ASIA game between Qatar and RP.  By the way, we won so everyone was happy.

Now back to Celeste & Jesse.  At first glance, you'd think they were a happily married couple as they have so much chemistry and their friendship is quite solid. Then you realize they are actually separated and in the process of finalizing their divorce.

Celeste (Rashida Jones) is the owner of a media consulting firm while Jesse (Adam Samberg) well I couldn't really tell his occupation. I figure he was 'in between jobs' which is a nice way of saying he is unemployed. They were best friends then married for 6 years but have grown apart so she opts out of the marriage.

Miscommunication seems to be the key ingredient missing from their relationship even though they are the best of friends.  They are also on different pages vis a vis their careers as well as what they want in life.  

They soon start seeing other people and that's when the irony starts.  As soon as Jesse is faced with a very 'adult' situation, he quickly changes and exhibits a level of maturity that Celeste didn't know was possible.  Whereas Celeste's dating life seems quite trivial as she meets guys way beyond her 'league', so to speak.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is not really a romantic comedy as there is nothing romantic about a separation.  But there is no loud bickering and all the messy legalities involved in ending a marriage, either.  Both Celeste and Jesse have endearing qualities on their own as well as an (un)couple but they are also flawed in many ways.  

The film is easy to absorb even though the main story is about a break-up.  Rashida Jones and Adam Samberg are the main draws of an otherwise predictable story line.  I like how their characters evolved as they faced different situations.  And despite the "forever" tag in the title, some relationships unfortunately don't last that long even though there is no harm in hoping it would. 

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