Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig,
Sean Penn, Adam Scott

"Stop Dreaming. Start Living."

Based on the classic story by James Thurber, Ben Stiller directs and casts himself in the lead role as Walter Mitty.  An introverted man who works in the photography department of LIFE Magazine. He is stuck in a monotonous job so he escapes by zoning out and daydreams about a much more vicarious life.

But his life is about to drastically change as he discovers that the negative of the photo for the magazine's final cover (it is ceasing publication and venturing into the online format) is missing. Walter, with the encouraging help of a co-worker/love interest Cheryl (Kristen Wiig), springs into action on a quest to solve the case of the missing negative from its source.

Sean O'Connell (Sean Penn) is the famed yet reclusive veteran photographer who captured the missing shot, now known as negative no. 25.  This journey to hunt down O'Connell leads Walter through Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan and the Himalayas. Along the way, he reignites former passions, like skateboarding and hiking, and his daydreams become more and more unnecessary.

Whimsical is the word that comes to mind when I think about this movie. Ben Stiller does an excellent job in presenting and acting out this unique character.  His able direction, buoyed by a vivid cinematography and a good soundtrack of suitable songs is well paced. The story has all the right mixture of comedy, action and drama.

This movie kicks quite a punch with its apparently obvious message. Many of our (day) dreams are just a few steps away from being realities. All it takes is self determination and a strong belief that it is all within our reach.  So stop whining and complaining and go out there and grasp the opportunity to turn the ordinary into extraordinary adventures!

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