Sunday, September 21, 2014


Cinema 2, Shang Cineplex

Rarely do films focus on the emotions or sentiments of men. Perhaps because we associate feelings with women, that somehow men are incapable of being sentimental or emotional. Well, we are in luck since this Spanish film gives us a welcome glimpse into the lives of eight men in their 40s who are suffering some form of identity and/or relationship crisis.

It is presented in five different vignettes that exposes the deepest secrets, fantasies, emotions and sexual fears of these men. The execution of this concept is through several conversations which involve one or two of the eight men at any one time and through their dialogues, a series of details expose bit by bit their lives to some extent. Some details are implied, other facets are openly discussed. All shared with no qualms, no inhibitions and it seems as if they were not aware of any camera taping their conversations. It is that candid and the acting of the ensemble cast of credible Spanish actors is top notch.

Adultery, regret, lust, inadequacy and betrayal are some of the emotions showcased as the men show themselves as vulnerable and incapable of relating to intimacy or are poor at properly communicating their feelings.

The film has some engaging moments although some vignettes are more successful than its whole. Eventually, a party towards the ending reveals that these guys know each other in one way or another. As they socialize with each other, their innermost feelings are once again hidden and only the audience is aware of their flaws and their insecurities. And we are none the wiser for it!

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