Friday, November 28, 2014


Liam Nesson, Olivia Wilde,
Adrien Brody, James Franco,
Mila Kunis, Maria Bello,
Kim Basinger, Moran Atias

"Life can Change at the Turn of a Page"

Paul Haggis, the writer-director of the acclaimed multi-story film "Crash" is back with the same type of story telling. This time, it is three different stories which play out in Rome, New York and Paris. The tales seemingly share the common themes of dealing with the betrayal of trust, estranged relationships and the tragedy of losing a child.

Liam Neeson is a writer cooped up in a swanky hotel room in Paris trying to finish his second novel to prove that he isn't just a one book author. In Rome, Adrien Brody plays an unscrupulous businessman who steals designs from clients. He finds himself embroiled in a shady deal with a beautiful woman who may or may not be a con artist, herself. While Mila Kunis is cast as a former actress who now works as a chambermaid in a hotel in New York and is currently in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. The three tales eventually cross over as certain characters overlap and their narratives merge.

But what worked in the Oscar winning "Crash", unfortunately does not apply in "Third Person". Although each of the stories have enough drama based on their merits and could actually be turned into a full length movie separately, it doesn't work as a whole.

There are a lot of deliberate yet confusing details which aren't fully explained in the course of the movie. You start to notice small yet very significant details which further add to the confusion. You begin to question yourself whether it was just you who noticed them or if it was purposely added for some reason. Such as a note which was written in one hotel room in Paris, ends up being read in another hotel room in New York.

The stellar cast gave credible performances even as the script is poorly executed. As the film rolled towards its very vague conclusion, I was already way too sleepy to actually force my brain cells to make some sense, any sense about the total nonsense that just unfolded.

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