Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The One I Love

Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass,
Ted Danson

At first glance, you'd think this movie was going to be just another film that deals with a married couple trying to work out their marital woes. But as it progressed, the film took on an imaginatively inventive manner in analyzing and exposing the cracks in the marriage. 

Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) visit a marriage counselor seeking help. He notes their glaring differences and suggests they go to a place where he claims many couples in the same boat went to rediscover themselves and sort out the kinks in their relationship. 

With no expectations, Ethan and Sophie venture out to this sprawling bungalow and settle in. Soon enough, the house exudes a different vibe as the troubled couple slowly realize there is another dimensional element right within the confines of the compound.

The plot is complex and deals with self discovery, redemption and forgiveness. At its heart is a raw dissection of our daily expectations on the roles we have to assume to make a marriage, succeed. Is there a  general sense of marital discord and discontent because we expect too much from ourselves and from our partners? Or is it just right to merely blame incompatibility as the main culprit for the complications that are bound to arise? Pointed questions which are effectively explored in this film.

Moss and Duplass are the only characters (aside from Ted Danson as the marriage counselor in a very brief role) and the quirky twists in the plot demand a lot from them. They have to display multiple interpretations of their characters and they do a good job with much flair and great acting skills.

"The One I Love" is a well crafted, clever unconventional romance with finely marked twists and turns. Great performances from the two leads are an added bonus. Highly recommended!

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