Sunday, February 26, 2017

La La Land

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone,
John Legend

"Here's to the Fools who Dream"

There was a lot of hype over this Damien Chazelle directed musical. Justifiably so because rarely do we get to enjoy a musical amidst all those action filled films of Marvel super heroes out to save our planet from some form of extinction.

I could also see how Hollywood can easily relate to the narrative as most of them did go through numerous auditions while working as a bartender/barista in the hopes of becoming a celebrity in the flashiest of businesses - show business.

Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) are both struggling artists with their own mapped out plans on how to reach for the stars. They cross paths, fall in love without losing sight of their dreams - that is the stuff that good romantic comedies are made of - never mind that they had to swing, swirl and vocalize their intentions through catchy songs and choreographed steps inside elaborately attractive set designs. 

The production design takes you on a nostalgic ride with its vibrant cinematography. You can't be faulted for thinking that the story unfolds in the 1960s where Emma Stone regales us wearing lovely pastel colored dresses. Then a smartphone tone rings and you are suddenly brought back to the current times with its pressing problems. Setbacks like money concerns which begs the question: "What would you prioritize ... love or career?" Is it too much to ask for both? In essence, I believe Mia and Sebastian both made the correct decision regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

Damien Chazelle impresses with his fertile and creative mind to present a much welcomed form of escapism from our hasty lives. The same director who amazed with "Whiplash" once again make us appreciate jazz as a music form that is slowly fading. The combined acting (signing and dancing) efforts of both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was a delight to watch. They melted our hearts with their sparkling performances. 

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