Friday, April 7, 2017

The Accountant

Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, 
J.K Simmons

"Calculate your Choices"

Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff, a freelance accountant with a complex past but it is his present affiliations with certain shady companies whose books he was hired to audit which will make his life much more complicated than ever.

During his childhood, Christian had autism in a period when the disease was still in its early stages of diagnosis so his parents didn't really know to deal with him. The adult Christian is a loner but seems to have done good for himself and manages to keep his illness pretty much under control (thanks to his strict training by his military dad) although there are certain circumstances which trigger his 'outbursts'.

The film is an action thriller with a smart narrative which tends to lose its way once certain side plots overlap. Yet at the same time, it is these side plots which add an emotional element both to its central character as well as to the movie ... so I guess it is not a bad thing as far as "The Accountant" is concerned.  The story unfolds in present day with certain flashback scenes intertwined to give the audience more backgrounder on how Christian evolved throughout the years. 

The supporting cast led by J.K Simmons (as a relentless Treasury Department agent) and Anna Kendrick (in a short yet significant role) among other equally talented actors deliver credible performances.  

But it is truly a Ben Affleck movie as he is in almost every single frame and he does well in this meaty role of a complex character who barely speaks yet his action speaks louder than words. They say that Ben Affleck is a far better director than an actor and I agree but I like to add that he just lacks range and is not necessarily a bad actor, per se.  There I said it. On that note, I believe he does fairly well in "The Accountant". 

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