Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts,
Chris Cooper,  Judah Lewis

"Life: Some disassembly Required"

Davis Mitchell (Jake Gyllenhaal) has just lost his wife in a horrific car accident which coincidentally he survived without a single scratch. A successful investment banker who works in his father in law's company, he struggles in coping with his sudden grief.

His way of dealing with it is unconventional as he proceeds to spiral out of control, going on a destructive path to unravel everything his life stood for. Physically and naturally emotionally, it is not normal behavior but it is the only way that Davis can come to terms with his loss.

His odd attitude begins at the very hospital where they were taken after the accident. A vending machine malfunctioned so he proceeds to write a complaint letter to the company which handles the apparatus.  His correspondence develops into an unlikely friendship with Karen Moreno (Naomi Watts) the customer service rep of the company. In his letters, he takes on a personal tone as he admits to several misgivings about his wife, his career and his life in general. 

The film succeeds in delivering its message of a tinge of hopeful rebirth/redemption after a painful period of self destruction through the believable and nuanced performance of Jake Gyllenhaal. His characterization of Davis is poignant and will strike a deep chord with anyone who has lost a loved one. 

"Demolition" is an emotional film which tackles grief and tragedy in an unorthodox way with unusual characters, conveyed through sly humor, meaningful dialogue, good rapport between the cast and a fairly tolerable soundtrack.

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