Monday, June 27, 2005

Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix, Sophie Okonedo, Fana Mokoena, Hakeem Kae-Kazim

"When the world closed its eyes, he opened his arms"

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Powerplant Cinema 1

A true story based on the heroic efforts of a humble GM of a four star hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. Paul Rusesabagina, ably portrayed by a good actor, Don Cheadle saved 1282 Tutsi refugees who took refuge in the Hotel de Mille Collins. An intense tale about the genocide in Rwanda when the Hutus annihilated their rival Tutsis. A civil war the world just stood by and watched from the comforts of their living rooms. A gripping scene is when the foreign guests (the Caucasians) were boarding a bus to take them to the airport to escape the atrocity while the Rwandans watched helplessly knowing their fate was doomed. Go and see this movie because people need to know that a million people were butchered in three months! And nobody not even the U.N. nor the powerful nations lifted a finger to stop it. As Colonel Oliver [the head of the U.N. peace keeping mission] told Paul - [explaining why the world will not intervene] "You're black. You're not even a nigger. You're an African." Really sad but true!

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