Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Peet

"There's nothing better than a great romance... to ruin a perfectly good friendship."


It is the time of the year when I raid the video shop for films to watch while the theaters are going to be showing entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Local films which I don't patronize at all.
First up is this light romantic comedy starring Demi Moore's husby and Amanda Peet. A guy and a girl hook up during a flight, decide it was nothing serious. Through the years they reunite, get reacquainted, go back to their respective lives, become friends till eventually they realize they actually do belong with each other other. Voila, happy ending. There isn't much to say about this movie except that it has a good mix of songs in its soundtrack. Demi Moore's hubby is forever going to be Kelso for me ergo a dumb witted prankster who cannot act. Amanda Peet has a refreshing bubbly personality that always liven up all the movies she is in except of course in "Identity".
The theme of "guy-and-girl-meet-they-are-meant-to-be-together-forever-but-they-take-years-to-realize-it" is pretty contrite. It has been done redundant in countless movies so just add this one to your collection of movies I.won't.line.up.to.watch.even.if.you.paid.me.a.million.bucks!

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