Thursday, December 1, 2005

Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, Bryan Greenberg

"A therapeutic romantic comedy."

Cinema 12, SM Megamall

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A 37 year old recently divorced woman mets and falls in love with a 23 year old artist/bum who lives with his grandparents. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except the guy just so happens to be the son of her psychotherapist. Not to mention, he is Jewish, she isn't. He doesn't have a job while she is a successful independent woman. Plus of course, the 14 year age difference. But there is chemistry between them, their sexual lust for each other is insatiable so it just might work. Well it really isn't that easy. Conflicts arise, his immaturity rears its ugly head while her biological clock is ticking like an atomic bomb. The film explores an older woman, younger guy scenario and to make it more 'complicated' they throw in the angle.
It is refreshing to watch Uma Thurman in a role which doesn't require her to be Quentin Tarantino's warrior princess. I love her fashion sense in this film which is something I can't say for Meryl Streep. She looks like Mrs Doubtfire (Robin Williams dressed as a woman impersonating a Scottish nanny) and all the chunky necklaces adorning her neck was such a distraction. But she is a great actress despite her wardrobe malfunction. As for Bryan Greenberg well he was quite stiff and I don't know what any woman would see in him.
The only positive thing I can say about this movie is the realistic ending. They don't end up together because they do have different priorities in life. So instead of deluding themselves that their relationship would work, they just parted amicably. And life goes on!

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