Thursday, February 2, 2006

Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel, Rza, Melissa George, Xzibit

"They never saw it coming."

Cinema 2, Shang Cineplex

DerailedI never saw it coming either. I guess my radar was totally off. It is a bit difficult to review a movie without revealing too much. The main premise - an adulterous affair that takes a bad turn. Betrayal, blackmail and harassment ensues. The main character played by Clive Owen is forced to make very drastic decisions involving his family, his finances and his guilty conscience. Twists after twists unfold till the very end. This is totally up Clive Owen's alley. He is good in portraying down on their luck but somehow gets to redeem himself characters. Jennifer Aniston just breezes through the movie without creating much of an impact. Vincent Cassel is always rather intense and a very believable villain. I'm surprised I found myself liking it because most of the reviews I've read about this movie were not positive at all. Yes, I know ... next time, I will read the reviews AFTER not before I enter the cinemas.

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