Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sacha Baron Cohen

Cinema 5, Rockwell


He is a morally repulsive Anti Semitic misogynist.
He is tactless, crude, insulting and exposes the true nature of people who didn't know any better.
He is Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh TV reporter on a visit to the US to learn more about its culture. With the help of a producer, he goes on a road trip, stopping by several cities in the US to show us snippets in the lives of ordinary Americans.
Then the fun begins.
How people react to him is the hilarious part.
He openly behaves as obnoxious as possible. Crossing the boundary of decent behavior to being outright tacky and insulting. I don't think he provokes them into being foolish and dumb, they were just being themselves.
I believe he is the one who acted inappropriately, openly abusing the hospitality of the people he visited. He was the one who broke those precious dishes in the antique store, he was the one who kept contradicting those feminists, he was the one who behaved like a total jerk in that mansion when they were just being very gracious hosts, he was also quite insulting towards those old Jewish couple who welcomed him at their Bed and Breakfast.
They didn't know any better, I'm sure they were just being themselves, being accommodating towards a foreign guest in their country.
Sure there were funny moments, but frankly I expected it to be a lot more hilarious than it was. In fact, I found Alex from "Everything is Illuminated" a lot more funny than Borat and he didn't even have to resort to disguise, vulgarity and/or nudity to prove a point.

Enuff said!

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