Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas

"Two's company. Dupree's a crowd"

I guess it is not a good sign when half way through this movie I fell asleep on the couch in my living room then woke up a few minutes before it ended and realized I didn't really miss out much on the plot.

Molly and Carl are a newly married couple whose marital bliss is interrupted when the best man at their wedding, Dupree starts living with them 'temporarily' while he tries to get his life back in order. He is unemployed and homeless so naturally the couple well specifically the husband is kind enough to accommodate his friend. Soon enough Dupree turns into this pesky house guest who thrashes up the place while at the same time he manages to ingratiate himself by being his charming self. Somehow I expected Dupree to be a lot more annoying than he was because let's face it, he is at best tolerable and not as obnoxious as Jim Carrey was towards Matthew Broderick in "The Cable Guy". And to think they (Jim Carrey & Matthew Broderick) didn't even live together in one house. Maybe it is because Owen Wilson has a face you can't help but smile at? Or he has this charming personality that doesn't border on being irritating as a big pimple on your face? Anyway, as expected, trouble erupts between the couple, Dupree suddenly has this change of attitude which alters his life so everyone is happy blah blah blah.

Matt Dillon was his usual stoic expressionless self as the husband with the insurmountable problems ranging from career issues (working for his father in law's firm) to dealing with Dupree (his best buddy who is mostly supportive) and just being a good husband to Molly. Kate Hudson is always refreshing to watch, her sunny little disposition seem to project through the screen even when she is supposed to be angry she still looks pleasant. Michael Douglas in a small role as the feisty father in law/owner of the company who doesn't quite gel with the newest addition to his family is believable and his character was quite straight forward and direct to the point without mincing any words.
Of course, the immature goof ball Dupree was best suited for Owen Wilson to play. He can be funny one moment and then in the next scene, you totally feel sorry for him. Somehow he managed to soften the blow a bit so you don't really end up totally hating Dupree. You just tolerate him in the same way that I tolerated this film for want of something to rent from the video store because I had already seen pretty much everything else on their display counter.

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