Friday, February 22, 2008

Cultural travel

Cultural travel
One of my frustrations in life is to go on a cultural tour of some of the finest cities in Europe. Simply hop on a train then disembark at a different city every week. Soaking in the picturesque atmosphere, visit museums, watch some musicals or play, eat authentic local fare and even sneak into a small theater to watch a local film. Never mind if I don't speak the language or the film doesn't have subtitles, I would simply be awed by the visual treat unfolding before my eyes.

With the advent of online booking sites, it is so convenient to go traveling these days. There is a single website where you can book your accommodations with just one click. For instance, I can start my cultural adventure by venturing to my favorite city in the world. The romantic capital city of France, I can choose from any of the Paris accommodation based on my budget.

Then the next week, I can find affordable places at Barcelona accommodation. Then visit The Queen and stay at any of these London accommodations. Then go forth and venture into nearby Scotland and choose from any of these Edinburgh accommodations. I might as well increase my enriching cultural experience by heading over to Ireland for some local flavor while enjoying my bed and breakfast which I picked from Dublin accommodation.
Ah yes well this frustration of mine will likely remain my lifelong dream!

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