Saturday, February 9, 2008


Music Nation
There is a fascinating website that caters to music lovers everywhere. Music Nation is an online music community which serves as the go between artists/bands and viewers/fans. The bands upload their videos on the site then the system re-directs viewers to the band's latest artistic offering. Fans can also share their favorite band's videos.

After you register, you can choose whatever genre of music suits you like Rock, Rap, Pop, Country etc and the system keeps feeding them to you till you say stop. The more people use the system the better it gets. The more users recommend videos of their favorite artists the better exposure for the bands. Bands which get a lot of play have a chance at getting signed by's partner EPIC RECORDS!

There are also competitions you can join on Music which entitles you to win tons of stuff. It’s different every time. Each competition has its own prizes, they are all clearly listed on its page. Their interesting blog contains all sort of information from obscure rock trivia to music news, as well as the stories behind famous album covers to the viral vids of the moment. So you will always be in on the latest music news.

So sign up now and be part of this engaging online music community.

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