Sunday, March 9, 2008


Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Maria Bello

"Lives will be broken"

It was released in the US with a different title "Shattered". But when I picked it up from the video store, it was marketed as "Butterfly on a Wheel".

I had no idea about this movie but its 3 main cast characters known for their good acting skills attracted me.

Abby (Maria Bello) and Neil (Gerard Butler) are a suburban couple whose lives are suddenly interrupted by a 'con artist' named Tom (Pierce Brosnan). He holds their little daughter hostage in their home as he demands the couple to do tasks on his bidding. He sits at the back seat of their car barking orders at them. Taking them all over town following his instructions. Most of the film is about these tasks they have to do. As the plot progresses you try to figure out what are the real motives of Tom. He is portrayed as this mysterious guy who suddenly shows up at their back seat one day when they head for town. Until the very last pivotal scene I have to admit I had no idea who, what, why Tom Ryan suddenly invaded Abby and Neil's seemingly perfect life. Then it is all suddenly revealed with not just one but two twists and ends just like the way it started. Gripping and shocking!

Shattered does truly best describe everything about the film. From the plot, the characters complicated lives, the dialogue even to the double twist in the end.
I mean that in a good way. The edgy plot was evolving at a good pace. The buildup to the climax was gripping and absorbingly clever. The characters true selves are revealed in ways you don't think possible. The cast gives credible performances. A movie that deals with trust issues, bitter conflicts, a betrayal, subtle vengeance and sweet redemption.

Not too complicated nor too easy to figure either. It makes for a good lazy weekend viewing within your comfort zone.

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