Thursday, March 6, 2008


The latest buzz in the blog marketing industry is being generated by Snapbomb. A medium where both advertisers and bloggers can reap benefits.
For advertisers it is a good way to market your products, get the exposure for your press releases through targeted campaigns. For bloggers it is another sure way to get paid for blogging about subjects which interest you.

They have an easy interface where you can register free for an account in a snap. You indicate whether you are an advertiser or a blogger. Simply key in your details and you are on your way to generating buzz for your blogs and your products.
Bloggers can add as many blogs as you want. You are given a longer time period (12 hours) to post your entries. Simply go through the opportunities section, find one suitable for your blog and write your post. Their comprehensive FAQs section is just a click away and answers all your inquiries.

So flex your fingers and sign up for Snapbomb!

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