Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flame Tune

Flame Tune
Tell me if this scenario is familiar. You are watching a movie then a song plays out in a specific scene. You like it so much, you surf the Internet for the lyrics. Well there is a website where you can find them, Flame Tune. It is also a comprehensive site where you can browse for guitar chords, bass, drum and piano tabs of different bands which are added weekly.

So let's say you are a big Van Morrison fan, a simple click will take you to Van Morrison Lyrics. My sister just recently started learning how to play the guitar, well not professionally and only when she has some precious time to spare but surely sometime in the distant future she will find Van Morrison guitar tabs really useful. Probably some Van Morrison bass tabs will come in handy too at some point.

But Flame Tune isn't just about lyrics and tabs. It has an active community forum where members can interact with each other. You can also write reviews, submit and request for lyrics and tabs and create your own lyrics and tabs book. Their easy to navigate website also offers guitar lessons reviews, band posters and ring tones. All you need is a user name and a password. Signing up is free!

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