Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It is wise in this day and age to have a little something tucked away for those retirement years. WaMu has several Savings Accounts suited for your savings goals. They offer the following savings account or certificate of deposit (CD):

Online Savings
Statement Savings
Traditional CD
Online CD
Liquid CD

You can simply open a savings account online through their secure online banking services. This option offers you online electronic statements.

WaMu Statement savings is their basic savings account which comes with numerous features. For example their high yield online savings account which you can incorporate with a WaMu Free checking account. You can choose to view your statements electronically online or on a single monthly statement.

The Traditional CD (Certificate of Deposit) account offers a high CD interest rate. You can also add funds to your certificate of deposit with the Add-On Feature, or adjust to a higher interest rate with the Bump Rate® feature. You can manage your certificate of deposit accounts through the personal online banking.

All of these savings accounts are neatly discussed on their comprehensive website. To discover if you are qualified for any of these savings options, simply select your area from the drop down menu located on their main website.

They have made online banking as easy as possible so start saving, saving and saving your money!

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