Friday, June 13, 2008


Emmanuel Mouret, Frederique Bel, Fanny Valette

13th French Film Festival
Cinema 1, Shang Cineplex

I guess the good old plot of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, girl meets another boy, (another) boy gets girl, (first) boy ends up with best (girl) friend works in any language. It sure does in this French film entitled "Change of Address".

The film starts off pretty laid back and takes a while to get going plot wise. There are some twists and turns which don't make sense but then remember this is a French film so I guess that is to be expected.

The main characters have their endearing qualities which draws the audience into their plight. Their way of thinking outside the box might work for some audience but maybe for a majority of us, we will be left questioning the motives of certain characters. So while it was a bit frustrating to understand them, it was also refreshing trying to comprehend their reactions to circumstances. Not that I want to give the impression that you need to put your thinking caps on when you see this film, no way. It is really quite a simple movie which basically revolves around 3 main characters. It is quite easy to figure out. It is only when you question their actions where you tend to go off the wire, so to speak.

So I suggest you merely watch it without analyzing it too much. After all, it is still a simple story with complex yet interesting characters set in France. The entire dialogue is in French with English subtitles. A bit amateurish in its film making technique because if you pay close attention there are certain scenes where you will notice the microphone hovering over the cast. Just enjoy the film for being 'different' from the standard Hollywood flick.

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