Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, John Lithgow, Kristin Scott Tomas, Krysten Ritter

"All she ever wanted was a little credit"

Cinema 6, SM Megamall

Here are my random thoughts on this movie:
* I thought that Amy Adams was in the lead role. Isla Fisher,("Wedding Crashers") aka as the better half of Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) bears a striking resemblance to the "Enchanted" and "Doubt" star, don't you think so?

* Hugh Dancy is such a dear fellow in a Brit way. That is a good thing, I'd say. His role here reminded me of Anderson Cooper from CNN for some strange reason. Probably the heir of a rich family working for pittance vibe.

* I loved Kristin Scott Tomas as Alette the editor/owner of that chic fashion magazine. Her being French added some much needed edge and personality to her diva/mogul editor role. Not just a caricature of the stereotypical editor whom everybody loathes personification.

* On the other hand, I couldn't stand Suze, Rebecca's (Isla Fisher) best friend. I don't know how it is in the book (I never read it sorry I ain't into chick lit) but as far as the movie goes I thought her role was just so inconsequential to the whole plot.

* Good supporting actors like John Lithgow, Joan Cusack and John Goodman gave credible performances. They were not overbearing and provided the feel good vibe to the central character.

* The movie was fun to watch. No major problem to solve except perhaps how Rebecca would pay her credit card bills. Designer brands, luxurious boutiques make up most of the cinematography. I like how the mannequins in the display windows would turn into animated characters. That was a nice touch.

* Although the romantic angle was sort of predictable. I did cheer when they hooked up because they have pleasantly nice chemistry going on between them.

* Lastly, the whole point of the movie is to focus on how addicting shopping (beyond your limits) can be and how Rebecca Bloomwood managed to extricate herself from her addiction. But the entire time I was cringing at how much her credit card bill amounted to. While she was hyperventilating because she was being hounded by a 'stalker', I was hyperventilating at the thought of spending that much on wardrobe, shoes and what.have.yous! I kept thinking my God how materialistic! You are willing to be in debt forever, even go bankrupt just to have the latest Gucci bag or that branded scarf. So that part certainly didn't sit well with me the person.

* But I take good heed that it is merely a book turned into a movie. Although I know there are shopaholics out there, there is something quite relevant and current in this movie. The concept of consumerism and commercialism which is now being blamed for the economic crisis the whole world is beset with. The global financial crisis though is best 'solved' by encouraging the public to spend, spend and spend so I figure this movie just plays its role in broadcasting that message across the screen and into our pockets.

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Em Dy said...

I thought so too about Amy Adams being in the lead. They look so alike!

D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Yes they even play more or less the same roles.


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