Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Money Making Ventures

During these financially difficult times, the Internet specifically the blogging medium is still a good place to earn some extra income. It is abound with websites which offer valid opportunities to make money. You can get paid to post reviews on your blog. Simply register with a valid username and password. They process your request within a few minutes. Then they will approve (or disapprove) your blog in a few days time. Once approved it will be included in their directory. Next step is for you to simply add their code in the html portion of your blog and then you are all set. Opportunities abound for blogs with high page rank. You can add up to 10 blogs and can reserve up to 3 opportunities per day/blog. You are paid through Paypal once your total unpaid earnings reaches US$50 on the first of every month. But if your total earnings is below the required amount, it will be carried over to the next month on an accumulative basis.

Their easy to navigate website with its simple dashboard is blogger friendly. They also have a blog section which provide interesting articles about earning through blog advertising.

So raise your hand and click in to be a part of a network that guarantees you some extra income to save for rainy days ahead!

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