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Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Morgan Freeman, Amy Ryan, John Ashton

"Everyone wants the truth ... until they find it"

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This movie adaptation of Dennis Lahane's novel was the directorial debut of actor Ben Affleck. It dealt with pretty heavy subject matters like child abduction, pedophilia and the proliferation of drugs set in one of Boston's toughest neighborhoods.

Affleck directs his brother Casey Affleck in a significant role as Patrick Kenzie, a private detective hired by the relatives of a missing child. Along with his partner/girlfriend Angie (Michelle Monaghan) they find themselves embroiled in a murky web filled with shady characters as well as corrupt law enforcers out to protect themselves at all cost.

The film much like the investigation progresses at a good pace. It starts with a frantic frenzy as we are introduced to the numerous characters and the circumstances of the abduction. Then it slows down a bit as several futile side plots are zeroed into the storyline. Thankfully, it picks up towards end when revelations are unveiled. It ends though on a pivotal turning point of moral dilemma proportions.

Casey Affleck who I'd dare say is a much better actor than Ben carries the entire film on his bony shoulders. His subdued style of acting worked wonders and he essayed his role with flying colors. He is ably supported by a neat ensemble cast of good actors like Amy Ryan, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman and Amy Madigan.

Clint Eastwood previously tackled another Dennis Lehane novel, Mystic River with a good cast, solid plot and it received good reviews. Although Ben Affleck is certainly no Eastwood (as an actor and director), he did considerably well in his directorial debut. In fact, I was pretty impressed that he was able to present a good film adaptation of a complex story. He must stick to directing from now on. Let Casey (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Ocean's 11, 12 and 13) reap in the acting awards! Heh.

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