Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Pelicula: 8th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

Set in Santiago, Chile this film which was inspired by real events narrates the story of 4 people from different walks in life. Although it is titled "The Good Life" , the characters aren't exactly having it good in any sense.

You have Edmundo, a hairdresser with financial problems. Teresa is a social worker/therapist that advocates safe sex among prostitutes yet learns her own 15 year old daughter is pregnant. Mario a talented musician (he plays the clarinet) who having failed to make it to the Philharmonic Orchestra joins the army band instead. And lastly Patricia, a sickly prostitute struggling to feed her baby. All of them don't know each other. Yet they are bonded by a common thread - the failure to achieve their dreams due to the pitfalls of life.

The film is presented in bleak shades, no glossing over to sugarcoat harsh reality. It tends to have a depressing tone as scenes after scenes we are subjected to the hardships of the characters. Yet interestingly enough, you can't get enough of the misery. It helps that all the characters are well developed and the acting from the talented ensemble cast is convincingly realistic.

Plus you get a glimpse of Santiago, Chile. It is a good opportunity to observe the lifestyles of people half way across the globe and reassure yourself that no matter where we call home, we all share and experience similar trials (whether financial, emotional, psychological and/or moral) day in and day out.

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