Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Pelicula: 8th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

A film that highlights the bond of friendship between two blue collar workers. It provides a good perspective into the nuances of life. Rosario and Milagros were high school classmates who meet again and end up working as street sweepers in the city of Madrid. They have different personalities yet somehow their volatile friendship strives amidst numerous trials which beset their humble existence.

Rosario is the more sensible and independent minded one. She is always guarding her feelings against possible disappointments while Milagros is more of a risk taker with a carefree attitude. Although I do sense a certain mental imbalance to Milagros free spirit vibe.

The film excels in presenting well developed characters and we can't help but be invested in their compelling lives. A plausible storyline devoid of exaggerated melodrama, the plot is interspersed with flashbacks that are non intrusive yet vital in better understanding the intriguing personalities of its characters. It vividly focuses on two contrasting personas who dream of a better future yet don't know how to attain their desire.

"Una Palabra Tuya" is an ironic and poignant tragicomedy that explores delusion, extreme loneliness, fear and a starkly harsh reality that invades the lives of these ordinary women who start to believe that perhaps they don't deserve to be happy.

Yet amazingly the film does end on a happier stance. A move towards a redeemed life with an uncertain future yet still tinged with so much hope. What more can we really expect from life?

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