Monday, March 1, 2010

Cine con Europa

Instituto Cervantes presents Cine con Europa, a cycle which showcases films coproduced between Spain and member-countries of the European Union (EU) such as Portugal, United Kingdom (UK), Italy and Germany. Cine con Europa is part of Instituto Cervantes de Manila’s celebration of Spain’s presidency of the EU.

Screenings will be held at the center’s Salon de Actos every Saturday for the whole month of March.

"La Conjura de El Escorial" (El Escorial Conspiracy) will open the festival on March 8.

On March 13, Vicente PeƱarrocha’s fantasy flick "Arritmia" based on the true human psychological damage that has been carried out in Guantanamo Bay, will be shown.

Brad Anderson’s thriller-drama "Transsiberian" about deception and murder when an American couple encounters a mysterious pair of fellow travelers on a Trans-Siberian train journey from China to Moscow, will be screened on March 20.

Dark comedy "La Caja" will be screened on March 27.

Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call 5261482 or visit their website.

Instituto Cervantes de Manila is at 855 TM Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila.

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