Monday, March 22, 2010


Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Huston, Danny De Vito
Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder

"Did you ever wish for the impossible?"

Cinema 6, SM MegaMall

I have to admit the only reason I wanted to see this film is to be able to set my eyes on the city of Rome, again. I've visited that Italian city several times and I've grown quite fond of it. So although I was a bit disappointed that Rome only got a few scenes, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Perhaps because it also features New York, a city I've always wanted to visit. Or that the main setting is the famous Guggenheim museum, definitely on my list of places to visit in NYC. Alright plus there is a big bonus - Josh Duhamel is hot and really cute!

The story takes off after Beth (Kristen Bell) upon returning from Rome where she attended the sudden wedding of her sister finds several men falling under her spell. Much to her chagrin, she discovers that these men got hooked on her after she drunkenly took the coins which they tossed into the fountain of love. They turn out to be really creepy and relentless in their pursuit of poor Beth. But the main bane is that Nick (Josh Duhamel) who was the best man in her sister's wedding is also under the spell. So despite really falling in love with him, she keeps him at a distance because well it isn't true love!

I like the chemistry between the refreshingly tiny Kristen Bell and the really tall and dashing Josh Duhamel. While on the other hand, I honestly couldn't really stand the silly and stupid antics of the men under the spell. They were portrayed by known comedians like Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder and Danny De Vito. But they simply got on my nerves. I didn't find them funny at all. More like irritating pests you can't shake off no matter how hard you try.

Quite predictable, this romantic comedy has a happy ending and rightfully so since Bell and Duhamel despite the huge height difference look great as a couple so you leave the theater with a big smile on your face.

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