Monday, April 26, 2010


Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin

"Fall in Love. Get Married. Have a Baby.
Not necessarily in that order!"

Cinema 6, SM Megamall

The back up plan of Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) is to get inseminated so she can have a baby. But lo and behold on the same day that she got the procedure done, she meets a really nice guy with a lot of potential. Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) is an entrepreneur who manufactures organic cheese. He is also quite romantic. The rest of the film deals with Zoe's pregnancy as her romance with Stan blossoms. Will he stick around once he finds out she is pregnant? Or will he freak out and run for the nearest exit?

There were some scenes which made me laugh. Although they were not necessarily hilarious. I guess it's just me because I find anything to do with pregnancy, funny. Heh! I do like the chemistry between the main characters. They looked good together. I believe that Jennifer's sparkling personality contributed much to the feel good factor. Boy, can she make pregnancy look glamorous! Never mind that she belches every other minute, that's natural. But to carry twins to full term and still wear high heels seemed a bit far fetched. But since she is JLo with the refreshing persona she can get away with it.

I also figure it is only in the movies that you can find such a great guy. A nurturing self made person with some flaws but overall he was such an endearing character to watch. Alex O'Loughlin did fairly well in his first romantic lead role.

Since this is a romantic comedy naturally the plot plays out with much predictability and concludes with the customary happy ending. But I enjoyed it.

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