Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Pollak,
Sean William Scott, Adam Brody

"Rock out with your Glock out"

This comedy banks entirely on the premise of Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) a NYPD cop trying to find a memorabilia collector/gangster who by accident got hold of his (the cop's) vintage baseball card. A card worth thousands of dollars, an amount big enough for him to pay for his daughter's wedding. His sidekick well his partner Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) is dragged along for the ride.

So while it is mostly a comedy, I figure it can also qualify as buddy cop film with a few action scenes thrown in for good measure. Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan work well together. Willis representing the 'serious' side of law enforcement while Morgan is the goofy comic sidekick cop. Although during certain scenes, I found Tracy Morgan to be extremely annoying.

They both do their best to salvage the poorly written plot line where even the villains are not as threatening as they are portrayed to be. The rest of the cast is composed of Sean William Scott (he was irritating but hilarious at the same time), Kevin Pollak and Adam Brody who despite short roles provide good supporting parts to the 2 main leads.

There are a few laughter inducing scenes, certain action sequences but mostly it runs on a trite premise. Therefore it is the type of film you either catch on cable TV or rent from your local video store if it is the last film left on the rack and you desperately wanted to watch something, anything to keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

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